Pastor says "Image of Jesus is fake."

Eye have only been divorced from Jesus for 4 years, but Eye can tell you that so much has changed since then regarding (what is coined) “religion.” Eye am watching my ex-husband Jesus being put on trial pertaining to his color/ethnicity. Eye can honestly say that the satisfaction Eye get from watching him being exposed is one that Eye haven’t created a descriptive word for yet. After 43 years of my own spiritual incarceration and marriage to Jesus, it does my heart chakra good to see so many others who are now realizing that who they thought Jesus was isn’t who Jesus really is (if he existed).

As Eye observe what’s happening in the religious world, many pastors are now changing their business methods (yes, Eye meant to call the church a business). They are realizing that their rehearsed mental messages are no longer holding the people in church. They are attacking the color of Jesus, but won’t tackle the origin of the bible, or the lack of evidence that Jesus even existed. They continue to teach from the same slave book that has captivated the hearts and minds of many, or to be more specific, “the so-called black nation” all over the world. On one hand, Eye am happy to see that some churches are addressing the painting of Cesare Borgia that (historians are now claiming) has been the model for the familiar Jesus images; on the other hand, Eye can’t help but to be a bit antsy that the methods being used (such as in this video) is moving the people at a dangerously slow pace.

Eye understand that you can’t spring this type of information on damaged beings too fast, otherwise, their subconscious mind will force the conscious mind to shut down; blocking new information from getting in. It just makes me nervous thinking that by the time these Pastors began debunking the authenticity of the bible, the true enemy would have done enough damage to destroy the entire hue-man race; maybe not physically but definitely spiritually (which is the most dangerous of the two). When Eye first viewed the video of Pastor Geno Jennings teaching his congregation about false images of Jesus, Eye thought to myself “Here is another preacher mixing lies with facts so that he can continue to trick the people,” then after viewing it again and some evaluation, Eye had to look beyond my disapproval of his occupation and realize that he is giving them a little more than what the traditional church has given. He is dispelling the image that has been ingrained in our hearts and minds for many generations before ours and continues to be ingrained in the hearts and minds of the next. Killing that image of Jesus in the minds of believers is the first step to fighting “white” supremacy. Based on this point alone, Eye can’t help but to give kudos to this Pastor for a bold step that could jeopardize his position in his community and the organization he represents.

When stripping the idea of Jesus away from those who love him, you have to think of the process as being like surgery. When performing an operation on someone, the layers of tissue have to be cut and pinned back one at a time until the targeted area is first exposed, then removed BEFORE healing can began. This is the method that has to be used when exposing Jesus; you have to pull back the layers of religion one at a time before reaching the core of the lie so that it can be removed. Pastor Jennings is doing that in this particular clip, and although he is only touching the surface of the lie, Eye can’t help but to wonder how much does he really know about the character “Jesus.”



Being a twice ordained, national  minister, Eye can tell you that Pastor Jennings isn’t the only one who knows that this stuff is not fully the truth. Eye remember when Eye was cleaning the office of a Bishop Eye was under several years ago, Eye noticed that he had books that seemed really weird to me such as the “Kabbalah.” Eye thumbed through the book and found its contents quite intriguing but quite different from what my bible said. Eye asked the Bishop why he didn’t teach the contents of that book to the congregation. He told me it was because he knew that the people couldn’t handle it. Eye walked away that day feeling some kind of way. It didn’t sit well with me knowing that the Bishop was holding back on us. Eye felt that if he knew (so-called liberating) information besides what he had taught us, we had the right to know. When Eye got home, Eye spent the next several days researching information about the Kabbalah. Eye found out that it was a Jewish book that only Jewish men were allowed to read once upon a time. Eye was a bit confused because it is a known fact that most Jews do not believe that Jesus is the son of God, so Eye couldn’t understand why the Bishop was reading books written to and for non-believers.

Eye enrolled in a Kabbalah class and soon learned that the old testament is a Jewish book also. There is no Jesus mentioned in the old testament by name, and there is no Jesus mentioned in the Kabbalah by name either….It was at that time when Eye realized that the Bishop was holding back by refusing to give us what he really knew, and it was at that time Eye understood more research was needed. It was also at that time when Eye set out on a mission to prove that Jesus existed and that the Jews were wrong in not believing in him (after all, they were said to have been the ones who supposedly crucified him). It was my mission to protect Jesus and his character; little did Eye  know that Eye would be writing about my divorce from him 4 years later.

T’Malkia Zuri,
Author of “Divorcing Jesus”

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