Demon Possessed Man in Africa

Peace family. Are you ready for my video pick of the week? Awesome! Well, Eye recently viewed a tv show about this pastor who travels the world supposedly casting out demons. Eye never met him personally, but Eye did read one of his books when Eye was a Christian called “Larson’s Book of Spiritual Warfare” by Rev. Bob Larson. Eye remember the time when Eye was summons to preach in Las Vagas at a conference, someone from his camp was invited to attend unbeknownst to me (his church’s headquarters is here in Arizona). This lady asked to speak before Eye got up and they allowed her 2 minutes which turned into 20 minutes. She ranted on about demons and calling out their names etc. Eye wasn’t happy about her forcing her information on my time since Eye had traveled 6 hours to speak at the conference. Eye also wasn’t happy that Eye had to spend the first 15 minutes of my presentation challenging some of her claims. Needless to say, she got up and walked out!

The reason why Eye chose this video to share of Rev. Larson’s TV show “The Real Exorcist” is because it confirms what Eye have been saying all along on my radio show: THE BIBLICAL CHARACTERS HATE AFRICA! Eye know, Eye know. You probably think Eye am crazy or even a bit deranged for making such comment, but Eye can show you over 90 scriptures in the bible that will back up my claim. So go ahead, take you some time and search your bible. One small thing, you have to replace the word “Egypt” with the word “Africa” in order for your head to wrap around it. If you don’t think Egypt is in Africa, please grab a world map before you grab the ‘word of God. So, let’s continue……

The video is posted below via “huluPLUS” and as you are watching it, Eye would like to point out some things that Eye observed that prompted me to share it with you. Now, in this episode called ” The Real Exorcist: Something Wicked This Way,” there is a man named Jeffrey Jawari who relocated from Nigeria to England and claims to be attacked by demons in his sleep. Now get this; Rev. Bob asked him how did he know he was being attacked? Jeffrey said he knew because he would have dreams every night about having dinner with his dead relatives, particularly his Grandmother. Rev. Bob diagnosed Jeffrey with having demons because (according to him),

1. He was from Africa,

2. Africa has Deities that are very strong (he also said they were very violent and very physical), and

3. Because his relatives were eating food with him in his dreams.

Now, this episode amazed me because Rev. Bob  (sadly) seems to hit the nail on the head with some of his explanation of why Jeffrey was troubled in his mind and spirit: BECAUSE HE LEFT HIS HOME AND FAMILY. According to Jeffrey, he began to have spiritual attacks in his dream when he left Africa and moved to England. He separated from his culture; his identity and spiritual connection. Clearly, a maternal Ancestor was connecting with this man but the man didn’t want the connection. It was weird watching this episode because of the Ancestral awakening that is happening in the United States. More people now than ever are starting to seek a connection with their Ancestors, a connection that was systematically replaced by the Christian savior “Jesus.” Eye personally hosted several broadcasts about how to connect with your Ancestors, yet here is a man from the “Mother Land” who is wanting to shut down that connection.

Part 1

It was unsettling for me (but not surprised) to watch Rev. Bob associate demons with Africa, Ancestors and the Deities of Africa. He associated Jeffrey with having demons because of where he originated from. He associated Jeffrey with demons because his own Grandmother desired to commune with him over dinner. She wasn’t hurting him, torturing him, or even making him feel threatened in any way (at least he didn’t mention it in this episode). Jeffrey didn’t like the idea of having to eat with his Grandmother who happens to be an Ancestor! He didn’t understand what was happening so he was afraid. To see this man so confused at what once came so natural for the Children of the Sun is disheartening; unfortunately, it is the norm for  millions of Africans residing in the Mother Land and in the Diaspora.

Part 2

A couple more points and Eye am gonna leave you with the video. First of all, Rev. Bob injected his solution to Jeffrey’s Ancestral “issue” by making him renounce the spirit of his dead Grandmother…WHAT??? Renounce the spirit of his own Ancestor??? Secondly, notice how Rev. Bob dabs oil on his finger and places his hand over Jeffrey’s forehead. This is a sign of covering the “First Eye” or pineal gland. There is a very important reason why this is done, but Rev. Bob may othere is staticr may not know what that reason is. He may be doing it because that is what he was taught like Eye was during my ministerial training. This particular gesture during prayer is detrimental to the functioning of the “First Eye.” Eye go into great detail in my upcoming book “There’s Static in Your Connection” scheduled to be released spring of 2016 (copyright 2015-All Rights Reserved).” 

The last thing that Eye found weird about this whole scene is that Jeffrey never mentioned seeking a spiritual healer from his village/tribe/people for help. He went straight for the belief in a God and savior who was going to deliver him from the memory of his relatives. He wanted relief from his dreams so he sought help, all the way in the United States. Apparently, Jeffrey’s God and savior’s name was Rev. Bob.


Empress T’Malkia Zuri is a twice-ordained minister who holds a Bachelor’s degree in Ministerial studies. She is the Author of “Divorcing Jesus: A Spiritual Love Story.” Ms. Zuri is also the founder  of the Spiritual Transitioning and Restoration Center.