Eye was having a good morning, Eye mean, the birds were singing and the sun was shining so brightly today. Eye brewed me a cup of special herbal tea and decided to check in with my support group Life After Christianity 101 on facebook. Scrolling down the wall, Eye saw an interesting looking video and decided to check it out.

Here is a summary of the video. January of 2008 was the day when a teenager (whose facebook name is Nineminded Presence) approached her brother (9 years her senior) to inform him that she may be pregnant. She didn’t have anyone else to confide in, after all, he knew something about her that their parents didn’t know. His dirty little secret about him and his sister would soon be revealed, first to their mother and then to their father. Their response to the secret was most baffling.

As Eye viewed the video, my emotions were totally being controlled by the Sistah who relieved her gut-wrenching story of sexual abuse by her own blood brother since she was 3 years old. As she vividly laid out the details in her self-made video, Eye cringed when she spoke of how her abusive brother frequently shoved his penis in her mouth up until the time she turned 9. If that wasn’t horrific enough, her mother found out, and instead of supporting her daughter and taking action against her son, she did what most Christians do in a time of crisis; she gave the situation to Jesus. That’s right. She told her young daughter to keep it a secret from her Father but forgive her brother because…Wait, let me quote what she said in the video.

“My mother made sure I kept my mouth shut and understood that Jesus loved me, and if I love Jesus, then I’ll forgive him (the brother).” 

Hey, Eye am not trying to tell someone how to raise their children (well maybe a little), but it would seem to me that advising this young girl to “give it to Jesus is a bit of an oxymoron suggestion in my opinion. Why do Eye say this? Well, it just seems crazy to me that a mother would suggest to her young child who had been abused right under her nose to be quiet and pray to Jesus about it. Where was Jesus when her daughter was being abused at such a young age?


How many more stories do we have to hear of people making ignorant decisions because they have been taught through religious teachings how not to use their own brain to think? My heart felt heavy for the young sister, but unfortunately, her story is not an isolated case. Thousands of people (if not more) are abusing their children (or allowing them to be abused) while using the idea of Jesus to cover it up.

Nineminded Presence

THIS is the reason why Eye fight so hard against Christianity and other religions that are spinoffs such as the Hebrew Israelites, the Muslims and whoever else can fit the bill. People are so wrapped up in loving “Jesus” that they are too zombified to even protect their own children from the rapists and murderers of our society, even if they are in their own home. Eye commend this young Sistah for speaking out against the very thing that tried to destroy her. This brave step  of speaking out about her ordeal is part of her healing, not just for herself, but for every adult who had to experience similar abuse as a child. From my point of view, she realized that she had to save herself instead of depending on others to save her, because obviously, Jesus wasn’t available.

Empress T’Malkia Zuri is a twice-ordained minister who holds a Bachelor’s degree in Ministerial studies. She is the Author of “Divorcing Jesus: A Spiritual Love Story.”

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