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Hey there. Looking to get a copy of “Divorcing Jesus?” Eye know, Eye know. That’s why Eye created this section to offer potential readers such as yourself several ways to obtain a copy of this highly controversial book.

“Divorcing Jesus” means more to me than you can possibly know. Why? Because Eye know that it will help anyone who is struggling in their own spiritual health. For this reason, Eye am using every avenue available to get this into the hands of those who need it. Eye am 100% sure that many will be able to relate to the information Eye lay out in my book. Not only was Eye transparent, Eye was also candid about what happens behind the scenes of most indoctrinating centers called “churches.”

Eye hold not 1, but 2 national ministerial licenses and a Bachelors in Ministerial Studies (Eye am sure that the 1st one has been revoked by my previous ministry). Eye have vowed to spend as much time assisting those who are wanting to heal their Spirit Being without religious interference as Eye did “winning” people to Christ. This book is one of many that will help me on my mission.

So, with that being said, here is how you can obtain your copy of “Divorcing Jesus.”

  1. Get it for 50% off of the ebook cover price. Sorry, this offer is not good for the paperback edition. To get your coupon code, join my Newsletter Mailing List. It is easy to sign up. The code can be found inside the e-newsletter.jesus court
  2. Get a free ebook Copy! To obtain “Divorcing Jesus” at no cost, just sign up to be a reviewer, agree to the terms and receive your free code right in your email. Check out this page for more information.
  3. Get it for 30% off on my social media channels. Receive a special code by visiting my “like” page and liking it of course.  This offer is good on ebooks only.
  4. Get it for 40% off as a member of my support groups Life After Christianity 101 group and Life After Christianity United.