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Article by Empress T’Malkia Zuri, Author of “Divorcing Jesus.”

There are many reasons why church members are walking away from what they have come to know as their “safe haven.” The church has always been perceived as the go-to place for people who are sick, feeling lonely or unfulfilled. The church and its doctrine offer empty promises that can only be received by those who have faith, and although some believers have walked away without answers such as Eye did, there are many more who hold on to these promises until the day they leave their Earth Suite (body).

During the time Eye served as the counselor assistant to my former pastor’s wife, as well as an intake minister (one who process and instruct those who are new to the house of God), Eye learned of several reasons why people may feel the need to attend church.

Although Men and Women frequent the church house for different reasons, Eye concluded from the many counseling sessions Eye conducted that they shared a common reasoning; both needed the church for emotional healing! Either someone had mentally hurt them or they were in a jam and didn’t see a way out. Oftentimes they didn’t know that they were emotionally damaged, but Eye knew.

Looking at this from a case study point of view, the majority of the men attended church because they were having a hard time dealing with the pressures of life and decided to give Jesus a try. The remainder attended because they were either following their spouse to church or pressured by their family.

Women attended church because they were either hurt by a family member still waiting(mainly their boyfriend, husband or lover) or their child was terminally ill, on the streets, or in prison. They also attended because they felt alone and needed emotional support.

Both attended church because of the debilitating emotion known as “fear.”  They feared the afterlife as well as their safety in the earth. They believed the church had the answers to their destination after they die. Added to all of these reasons, Eye have to mention that many attended because it was their family’s tradition that actually stemmed from the biblical tradition of the so-called Jews.



In a 2013 broadcast of Life after Christianity, Eye was joined by Producer /Host of Dynasty Network Radio 1382 and International Secretary & Outreach Coordinator/Director of Black Star Action Network Kenya Jones to discuss several incidents that are common in the “body of Christ” that cause hurt believers to walk away from the “house of prayer” more damaged than before attending church. Some of the reasons we discussed regarding why one would feel  hurt by the church (folks) are as follows:

  • A candidate is passed up for a church promotion.
  • The pastor degrades a member by putting their private situation about him/her in a sermon.
  • Accolades are given to others instead of the one who actually did the work.
  • Other church members stealing ideas and presenting them as their own to please the pastor.
  • Sexual abuse by a church member and/or clergy.

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