Hey there! Eye want to thank you for your interest in reviewing “Divorcing Jesus“in exchange for your posted review. Eye know that it may be a bit time consuming, but your feedback is very important for potential readers and their decision to obtain their copy or not. (At any rate, Eye do require that you use your HONEST opinion). You can have a free copy in exchange for a review on Amazon, Griot Bookstore, Barnes & Noble or Smashwords (preferably Amazon at least). It doesn’t have to be long; short and sweet works great too! Here is how to get your FREE copy:

Email me and Eye will send you a “welcome” email that will contain instructions on how to get your special code to download your copy! Simply enter your email address and a brief comment about your interest in becoming a reviewer. You must reply to the instructions that will be sent to you once Eye receive your request. The purpose of your reply to this email is to confirm that Eye have your correct email address. Eye would like to control the distribution of my ebook as much as possible, so your replb ny would assure me that Eye am sending the individualized code to the right reviewer.

Not sure you can leave a review at this time? That’s ok, you can still get your hands on “Divorcing Jesus” at a massive discount here. That’s it -two options to get your hands on a copy of my book at a huge discount. Choose your poison 🙂Again, Eye thank you from the center of my heart chakra for your interest in helping me to spread this vital message about the clutches of Christianity. Empress T’Malkia Zuri nookkoboamazon10 23 2015

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