EMPRESS T’S THOUGHTS FROM THE DYNASTY: Just thinking about the war that is coming up. No, not the war between countries. Not the war between genders. Not the war between races, but the war between so-called black Christians and Non-Christians. We no longer have the desire to stick together as a people, but rather adhere to belief systems. We would rather fight each other, hate each other, disown each other and sometimes kill each other over what we were taught to believe, instead of binding together and fight against the real enemy. Christianity has turned us into enemies of each other. So-called Black Families are willing to separate because of a book that was written by men who have no history of even walking this earth, and if they did, they were mere beings like those of today. No special powers; no special positions, just men who wrote down their thoughts and beliefs.

Eye am so excited to be alive on this day to see my Sistahs wake up from this deep sleep that we have been in for such a long time. Sistahs are all over facebook denouncing Christianity in droves. Many of them are doing the “burn Jesus” challenge, speaking out against the bondage that we have been in for so long. Eye also notice that many of our brothas are fighting these sistahs. Cursing at them, and even “condemning them to their hell.”. For the Sistahs who will willingly allow writings from a book that you don’t even know the history of, YOU ARE THE PROBLEM AND NOT THE SOLUTION to the demise of our “race.” Our “race” is waiting for YOU my Sistah to regain your memory…to regain your strength…to regain your power….to regain your identity…You teach your children to mix reality with fantasy and wonder why our children are doing what they are doing today.wombman

For the brothas who continue to fight against the so-called black woman who is FINALLY waking up out of her slumber, YOU ARE THE PROBLEM AND NOT THE SOLUTION. You would rather keep her/us in that fantasy mentality so that you can continue to control us. Your controlling time is coming to an end my brotha. We are waking up with or without your consent. This is a divine season for us. We are coming into the understanding that until WE wake up, YOU and our children won’t wake up. You either get on board and support us as we fight this mental and spiritualbondage that we have suffered for so long, or you get the hell out of the way. We need you Kings, but we don’t need you if you REFUSE to break this bondage that religion has placed upon us. Da Empress has Spoken..