Why Empress T uses “Eye” instead of “I”
Peace my Beautiful, Indigenous, Autochthonous, Melanin Riched, So-called Black Family. Eye wanted to share this photo with you to remind you that we all are on different paths and, although we would rather have others on the path with us, the reality of it all is that you may have to walk your path along.

Eye use to be on the path with many others; believing in what they believed, doing what they did and trying to go where they were going, but Eye discovered something family. The path was crowded, people were stepping on top of each other, many were sick and dying, many were lying, stealing and cheating just to stay on this crowded path. We all were searching for the same thing (so Eye thought). We continued to walk that path of destruction because many elders who walked that path before us said that it was a good path. Although they were forced to walk this path, the elders said to stay on it no matter what happens. We were promised that at the end of the path, there would be a pearly gate waiting to let us in so that we can live happily ever after on streets paved with gold. Many stayed on this path because of the promise. Not because of any EVIDENCE but because of a PROMISE.pathway

Eye decided one day to get off of that path and take a new one. But it took me a while to get off because Eye had to locate my children and other family members who Eye loved. Eye eventually found my children, and with a bit of resistance, they finally decided to leave the crowded path and join me in walking their new path. Eye located some other family members but when Eye invited them to leave the path of destruction and explore a different path to enlightenment, they wholeheartedly refused. They said that my new path was wicked, dangerous and a complete lie. They made it clear that they would rather stay on the crowded, destructive path with the others because they didn’t need evidence; they just needed to believe the promise.

So, Eye now walk the path alone and my children are walking their own paths alone. Yes, we visit each other’s paths from time to time, but at the end of the day, we return back to our own lonely paths. It is not a bad thing tho’. My path may be a bit lonely BUT, it is less crowded and the road is much cleaner/clearer making it easier for me to see what is ahead instead of me relying on the promises of another. Yes, there is a door at the end of this new path that Eye will eventually walk through, but that door is not to some Eutopia land. That door is the entryway to the next dimension; my next assignment that the galaxy has for me. Eye have walked away from that crowded, deceiving, no evidence having pathway leaving behind family who had grown to love the path of destruction. Now my path is lonely but Eye have room to breath. Eye am now able to learn who Eye am instead of what was dictated to me on that destructive path. Is walking this lonely path worth it? You Damn Right it is…..Da Empress has Spoken