Noun: misogyny  mi’só-ju-nee

  1. Hatred of women
    – misogynism

Why Empress T uses “Eye” instead of “I”

Many defend the bible as a book that is written out of love for everyone, but a closer look at the scripts says otherwise. We oftentimes hold discussions on why there is no unity within the so-called black family, but has anyone actually explored the core of our unity issue?

Since Eye have awakened from my spiritual sleep, Eye can see things more clearly now. Eye can see what is actually going on in the world. Eye can also see that what Eye was taught as a little girl goes against everything that Eye am made of; literally. Christianity has taught me to live in a cloud for about 44 years. Eye was taught how to dream of an afterlife in heaven with Jesus and his daddy. Eye was taught that it was bad to think for myself. Eye was taught how to be submissive to a man. Eye was taught that if Eye was mistreated by a man of God to just pray and let God handle it.

Many men and women have stayed in an abusive relationship because of biblical instructions. Eye learned this early on in my church duty as the Bishop and First Lady’s Armour Bearer or “personal assistant.” Being in that position, Eye counseled many from the church and continue to council many to this day. Eye learned that most couples want to do right by God and just ride out the storm. It doesn’t matter that one or both may be in an abusive relationship; it only matters that they stay together to please God.

Eye know some men who mistreat their wives and can back up their behavior and reasonings with scripts too. They don’t realize the danger in using a so-called holy book to control the woman that they claim to love. They don’t realize that by tapping into the teachings of the bible, they are actually tapping into the teachings of a culture different from their own. Is it fair for me to blame the bible (or Christianity for that matter) for the destruction of our women? Is it fair for me to explain away the behavior of our brothas towards the Sistahs because the God of the bible teaches them such nonsense, so they say?

After studying the bible from a different angle, Eye find myself questioning how a Sistah can continue to fight for, believe in, defend or maybe even attempt to live by the scripts that are said to be “holy”. From this angle, Eye also find myself looking sideways at brothers who profess their love for a book that is clearly written by men,  predominantly about men and for men. Eye mean, of course Eye can see why men would want to read it, after all, it is quite entertaining, but Eye don’t get how our Kings can look at the contents and whole heartedly agree to such terms, especially the terms that go against their true nature; terms that go against their own mama.

In order for us to find the real reasons behind the destruction of the so-called black family, we must first deal with the core teachings of that family. 9 times out of 10, each man and woman has had some type of teachings from the so-called “holy book”. There are many “woman bashing” scripts that reside in the bible, and although some may teach these scripts, they subconsciously ignore the fact that the bible is nothing more than a misogynistic book that is in the disguise of being “the Word of God.” Let’s look at an example such as in Jeremiah 44 where the chapter speaks about the Queen of Heaven.

Part 2 of The Holy Book: A Misogynistic Guide to Feminine Destruction Pt2

Empress T’Malkia Zuri digs deep into the scripts to show how the bible has been used to not only degrade the so-called black woman, but her offspring, the Suns of God which are her male children.