Why Empress T uses “Eye” instead of “I”

Now this part is awkward. In my 4 books prior to my last non-Christian book, Eye have always started my dedication page with giving thanks to Jesus and his daddy God, but that won’t be happening this time. So, let me give my first dedication to MY One and Only, true living God and Creator…MY MAMA Beverly Grant, and my Co-Creator, the late John Reed who transition from this planet in 2012. Eye also would like to dedicate this book to my babies, Dareon, Chima, Demmetraus and Z’Ryah. And last but not least, Eye would like to dedicate this book to all of those who indoctrinated me for over 43 years. Because Eye was in religious bondage for so long, Eye can actually appreciate the liberation that Eye am experiencing today. Not only that; hopefully Eye can help others by sharing my experiences, trials and tribulations as well as my victorious testimonies. If Eye can encourage just one to hang in there and continue the indoctrinating detox program, then Eye would have done what Eye was/am destined and designed to do-“assist others who are suffering from the psychosis of Christianity”.




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