Why Empress T uses “Eye” instead of “I”

This is the journey of my life. From the time Eye came to know about this man called “Jesus” to the time Eye turned away from him. Eye recalled all of the love Eye had for him. Eye wanted a divorce from all of the lies and games that had been played in his name. Eye wanted to be free.

Eye divorced Jesus in the year 2011 at the age of 43. It was the hardest thing that Eye ever had to do in my life as of to-date. It was painful….scary….emotional…BUT it was liberating. Eye know that many of you can relate to what Eye have said so far as well as to what you are about to read. Eye wrote this book for 2 people: ME and YOU.

Many of you are contemplating divorcing Jesus too or you may have already done so, but there may be an empty feeling in your heart. You may feel that “withdrawal” effect too. Eye know…been there…done that…got the t-shirt.

Divorce can be a devastating event in your life with a man or woman that you can see, but to divorce an idea that you cannot see can be traumatizing. Hopefully my story will help you.


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