Grammar Alert-First things first-There is one thing that YOU the reader should know about my book/website; some grammatical rules will be broken. Please allow me to draw your attention to the word “Eye.” When you see this, you should know that this is how “I” refer to myself.Divorcing Jesus

Many ask me why Eye use “Eye“ instead of “I,” so Eye thought that we should take this time to clear it up so that there won’t be any confusion.

The pronoun “I” is used to refer to an individual in the first person. You know “I am tall”, “I went to the store” etc. Well, when Eye was married to Jesus, Eye referred to myself as “I” because of the teachings Eye received in an elementary school on when and how to use nouns, but on a deeper level, my first eye (pineal gland) was closed and Eye couldn’t see “truth”. Once Eye divorced Jesus and my “eye” became opened, Eye decided to refer to myself as “Eye” (representing the all-seeing “eye”). My first eye or pineal gland could now do what it has never been able to properly do during my indoctrination; FUNCTION!….So that is why you will see “Eye” instead of “I” in All of my books…Got it?…

About “Divorcing Jesus: A Love Story”                                                                 

Many who haDivorcing Jesus new cover 10 11 2015 smashbookve never experienced the deep indoctrination of Christianity don’t understand the psychosis behind it. Many don’t understand how a woman can be so in love with an idea of a man that she is willing to turn her back on everything that she loves. Many don’t understand how a man can cry from the depths of his soul about another man that he only heard about through hand-me-down stories and old books. Empress T’Malkia, a twice-ordained National Licensed Minister gives you a deeper look into the psychological aspects of Christianity and its influence on its followers.

T’Malkia faithfully served Jesus in exchange for the promise of eternal life, prosperity, good health, protection and peace on earth. Over 43 years later, her quest to receive those promises ended when she was forced to face the question of his existence.

This is not just her story, but the story of millions who are knowingly or unknowingly in spiritual bondage. Every Believer should read “Divorcing Jesus” because the candid recollection of T’Malkia’s spiritual journey is guaranteed to be relatable to all who are currently following the Christian Doctrine.

Just as well, Non-Believers should read “Divorcing Jesus” if they are having a hard time understanding how a person could be mentally and spiritually “caught up” in the idea of a man that they cannot see, touch, hear or feel.


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Empress T’Malkia Zuri

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