T'Malkia as National Licensed Minister 2009
Many who have never experienced the deep indoctrination of Christianity don't understand the psychosis behind it. Many don't understand how a woman can be so in love with an idea of a man that she is willing to turn her back on everything that she loves. Many don't understand how a man can cry from the depths of his soul about another man that he only heard about through hand-me-down stories and old books. Empress T’Malkia, a twice-ordained National Licensed Minister gives you a deeper look into the psychological aspects of Christianity and its influence on its followers.
Divorcing Jesus: A Spiritual Love Story
Dimension: 5.5X8.5
LCCN: 2015907151
Copyright © 2015
Publisher: Griot Publishing House

Paperback: $14.99
eBook:  $9.99

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